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Stewards' Report

  |  07 July 2019

Race 1: Pony Class 6 (1000 M)

  • Clinton on Bongawan Prince II was given the benefit of the doubt for his way of handling his mount. It was of the opinion of the stewards he did not urge his mount for a better placing resulting in his mount being unplaced. He was warned to ride in a more competitive manner in the future or a penalty would be imposed.

Race 2: Pony Class 6 (1000 M)

  • O'Connor with Jockey Hazreen astride was certified unfit to race due to lameness. It had to be withdrawn from the race and would be barred from racing for 4 weeks. All bets on the pony were refundable.

Race 4: Pony Class 5 (1100 M)

  • Jockey Mazlan S (Immortal Myth) was certified unfit to ride and was replaced by Jockey Fazrey

Race 2: Pony Class 6 (1000 M)

O'Connor - 4 weeks