Word of Advice

Royal Sabah Turf Club encourages participants to gamble responsibly. Bet the amount you feel you can afford comfortably. Start small wagers and get used to the flow if you are a beginner.

Picking a horse/pony

There are no sure ways in picking a winner, which makes half of the wagering experience fun. A combination of observation, luck, horse/pony knowledge and experience comes into play when making a wager. These are some guides to help you pick a potential winner:-

    The favorite is expected as most likely to win the race and on which the majority of bets is placed upon. The odds on the favorite will be shorter, meaning the dividends will smaller if it wins.
    The condition of the track can influence a horse’s/pony’s performance. Some horses/ponies prefer dry tracks, while others prefer wet.
    There are plenty of skilled jockeys to choose from. Refer to their winning history & WIN% in the race book.
    Each horse/pony has a individual racing history in the race book. Referring to their consistency in each race, distance & jockey can influence the outcome of the race.
  • ODDS
    The shorter the odds, the smaller it pays off, while higher odds (lower chance of winning) can give you a much bigger return. Most punters expect an outsider to win the race, which pays bigger.

How to Place the Wager

Betting on horse racing is not a complicated procedure. Most often, you place your bet, take your ticket, and tear it up when your bet doesn’t pay off. However, if you’re lucky — or skilled — you get to take your ticket back to the betting window and collect your winnings.

  • State the name of the racetrack.
  • State what number race you’re betting.
  • State the unit of your bet.
  • State the type of wager.
  • You can bet on a single horse to win or place, or on a combination of horses.
  • State the number of the horse or horses you’re betting with.
  • Check your ticket before you leave the window

Picking a horse/pony

Betting is ended when the horses/ponies jump from the barrier, so be sure to place you bet prior to this time, which will be printed in the racebook and displayed on course.
Find a good place to watch the race and look out for the jockeys colours and saddlecloth number. You can listen to the commentator call the race, and watch on the big screen if necessary. If you’ve brought your binoculars along now is the time to use them.

What happens if I win?

Congratulations. If you your horse has won the race, you will need to wait for the stewards to announce ‘All Clear’ (after the jockeys have returned to scale and there are no objections) before the tote will pay out.